DIANE E.W. DICK & keith joe dick

DIANE E.W. DICK & keith joe dick

DIANE E.W. DICK & keith joe dickDIANE E.W. DICK & keith joe dick

"All the Rave"   Oil on Canvas  24"x36" 

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Boingo ARTS


Boingo ARTS is where you can view our art just for the fun of it and purchase originals or copies.

We have collaborated artistically 

for years in paint, music, and film. 

Please  contact us with comments or questions. 

Diane E.W. Dick


Oil Paint on Canvas 

Luminous animal portraits,  powerful & simple

I am inspired by critters that have called

out to me for individual attention.

The fluid nature of oil paint allows it to happen. 

Keith Joe Dick


Sign Artist Extraordinaire

Illustrator  -  Painter

 Specializing in custom handcrafted signs and graphics, hand lettered, gold leaf, faux finishes and pictorials.

RECENT Exhibition

Betsy S. Manderen Gallery Oct 27-December 8, 2019


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40th Annual Members' Holiday Show    WWW.FAVA.ORG

FAVA : 39 South Main St, Oberlin, OH